An Unusual Sound Combination

Most people do not know that I almost majored in music; and medicine; and theatre. I have minors in science and theatre and I have an almost schizophrenic taste in music because of my various experiences in college. I also worked in the theatre department costume shop at UK (Thanks for teaching me to sew Marie) and I dabbled a bit in acting; all this while studying chemistry and literature. Of course I finally decided to take it easy and study Literature and Linguistics, but my love of the theatre and music has really taken me down a most interesting path, especially when making the playlists on my ipod.

So it was with great enthusiasm and happiness that I watched the grammys Sunday night. Not only was one of my favorite bands, My Morning Jacket, up for an award, but my favorite album Raising Sand was up for album of the year. This compelling combination of bluegrass princess Allison Krauss and rock icon Robert Plant is one of my favorite albums of all time. I was equally happy to see that Adele got some love as well.

Although she didn't win a grammy, wasn't nominated for a grammy, probably has never even been to the grammys, Loreena McKennitt is still one of my favorite singers, EVER. She has a most haunting voice, loves to mesh all cultural sounds and make videos about girls who drown and turn into swans. That's what happens when you mix chemistry, theatre, music and literature....