Next industrial revolution: Organization

Referencing a post by "edge economist" Umair Haque, Steve Levin says that the next industrial revolution could come, not from technology or capital, but from better organization. In developed economies it's not capital or information that's in short supply, but rather an efficient way of organizing it. Google, after all, transformed the advertising industry by putting relevant information at everyone's fingertips.

Good. But I like how Haque puts it on his blog.

The revolution needs revolutionaries. Today's investors, boardrooms and entrepreneurs are looking for value in all the wrong places. Facebook's game of musical chairs won't solve big economic problems - and neither will making token investments in greentech.

Where is the next industrial revolution crying out for revolutionaries? Simple: in industries dominated by clear, durable, structural barriers to efficiency and productivity.

The next industrial revolution begins here. What happens when we think of using new DNA to reorganize structurally inefficient industries? A blueprint for the next industrial revolution emerges. Here's what it looks like.

  • Organize the world's hunger.
  • Organize the world's energy.
  • Organize the world's thirst.
  • Organize the world's health.
  • Organize the world's freedom.
  • Organize the world's finance.
  • Organize the world's education