Business meeting in 2020: "what's our space strategy"?

It looks like the cubesat revolution is making its way into pop culture. Incorporating the theme of inexpensive access to space into what looks like a new alternative reality game from game designer and IdeaFestival presenter Jane McGonigal, this video raises a question that will, sooner or later, be asked in boardrooms.

Forget information strategy, by 2020 the relevant question for every company will be, "what's our space strategy"?

The Signtific Lab blog post on the subject says that

In other news, we have had a lot of questions about the Signtific Labs page, and in order to whet your appetite, we are proud to present the following sneak peak at the first Signtific Lab Experiment, which will be debuted by our game designer Jane McGonigal at Webstock 2009 in New Zealand from February 16 - 20. Enjoy the video, and stay tuned for more updates.

The Signtific Lab, an initiative of The Institute for the Future, bills itself as a "forum to discuss the future of science and technology". And clearly the video teaser, which looks like it has taken some of its cues from LOST, understands how that little science platform is revolutionizing space exploration.

This ought to be one pretty cool lab experiment.

I'd be remiss if I didn't also point out that KySat-1, a cubesat engineered and built by Kentucky graduate engineering students to get Kentucky kids excited about space and space technologies, may well reach orbit this year. You may follow the action on the Kentucky Space blog.