A libretto for cosmology

122645117_787fc8e5ee.jpgCan "the old-fashioned form of opera" be used to explore the divide between art and modern science? Opera fan and particle physicist Lisa Randall, who has popularized the idea of extra dimensions in her book "Warped Passages," hopes so. According to the Boston Globe, her libretto for an opera that will soon tour Europe "carries uncomfortable ideas about our world and how we experience it."

The piece has the puzzling title of "Hypermusic Prologue: A projective opera in seven planes," the seven planes referring to [the theorized extra dimensions] and to the opera's seven acts. The work's broader goal is to suggest new approaches to both science and art. The old-fashioned form of opera, Randall and her colleagues hope, can become a vehicle for modern science, using sound and voice to re-create the many dimensions that physicists now explore.


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