A Rabbit can do anything the Web can, it's true

CNN is running a feature story on the "Internet of Things," the near-future when the physical world will be networked in much the same way as text, sound and imagery is now. "Hardlinking" from the physical to the virtual will take knowing in the arts, science and commerce to lands as yet unknown, though you might be surprised at one inhabitant that has already made the leap. CNN:

Bruce Sterling, one of the pioneers of cyberpunk literature in the 1980s and an active sci-fi guru, neologized the term 'spime' in 2004 to refer to any object that can define itself in terms of both space and time, i.e. using GPS to locate itself and RFID to trace its own history.

'Whatever a Web page can do, so can a pair of shoes,' says rafi Haladjian, the visionary co-founder of Violet.

So, in this case, can a rabbit.

When I'm not blogging, in my other life in Kentucky I live on a working farm that, thanks to a wife who adores animals, includes a menagerie of cats, dogs, cattle, horses, parakeets, guinea pigs and yes, rabbits. Believe me when I tell you that rabbits are one fertile metaphor for a pervasively networked world. You don't stand a chance.


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