SEED: "Revolutionary Minds" changing economics of space

[Cross-posted from Kentucky Space] SEED Magazine has featured a number of fascinating people in its "revolutionary minds" series - people who pioneer entirely new ways of looking at issues, or find the previously hidden intersection between two different disciplines. In its latest installment, two people who are familiar to Kentucky Space are featured, Bob Twiggs and Jordi Puig-Suari, and they talk about making space accessible to smaller organizations and universities using the "cubesat" standard, a standard that they developed and which continues to be put to good use in space today. In the following video they describe how the dynamics and costs of space exploration are changing for the better. Revolutionary Minds

As mentioned by Prof. Twiggs in the video, cubesats can indeed incorporate cameras. KySat-1, Kentucky's first cube, will have one and will be accessible via the Web to children in schools across the commonwealth. I can't wait for the images.