Hooked on Sin: "People model" of addiction sheds light on failure

Can we finally agree that the brain and culture make us who we are?

In a piece published today at Scientific American, Jonah Lehrer, editor of Mind Matters as well as the popular SEED blog Frontal Cortex, interviews one neuroanthropologist to discuss how his field work challenges the old "nature v. nurture" and "culture v. biology" debate.

Daniel Lende correlates brain function to "context, meaning and relationships," which he believes pioneers a new way to get at the “why” of addiction, and to go beyond yet another dichotomy - one that sees addiction as a disease or moral failing - to arrive a more human-centered model. 

My take: it really does take people to understand the brain.

Jonah recently spoke the IdeaFestival. His book Proust was a Neuroscientist (linked on the blog) is highly recommended.