"Freedom" is...

2892410336_c87eee2d94_o Photo credit: Geoff Oliver Bugbee / www.geoffbugbee.com

Prior to the arrival of the crowd, Suketu Bhavsar, Lori Hartmann-Mahmud, Sanford Goldberg, Nickole Brown and Kris Kimel began a wide ranging discussion on the nature of freedom at the Kentucky Center last Friday. I came in a bit late - several minutes after the crowd began to arrive, shown in this shot from Geoff, but captured three areas where there was some agreement, or at least not vocal disagreement over the nature of freedom. 

  • Any workable notion of freedom must have constraints - without disagreement, for example, there would be no advance in knowledge.
  • Freedoms that aren't possessed by virtue of our very humanity quickly become problematic. Freedom cannot be the end result of a developmental stage dependent on the achievement of external factors - like security, for example - or the idea quickly breaks down.
  • Conversely, collective, social or political notions of freedom are always a work in process.
  • The desire for freedom can perhaps best be described as the desire for autonomy.

Your thoughts?