Puzzled - Will Shortz @ IdeaFestival 2008

Shortz_112:53pm- Sitting waiting patiently for the presentation to start. Hoping that Mr Shortz is planning on hitting us with some puzzles. I've been practicing very hard with the Puzzler on Weekend Edition, so if you hear a squealy, know-it-all voice yelling out answers, it's probably me. Also if the answers are completely wrong, it's probably me too.

1:03pm- Listening to the Will Shortz intro. Will Shortz is apparently the only enigmatologist in the world (he self-designed his major at Indiana University, later did his law degree at Virginia). He sold his first puzzle at the age of 14! That's awesome!

1:05pm- Wondering how nerdy it would be to get a "NPR 4 LYFE" tattoo.

1:06pm- Mr Shortz just said he's going to do a audience puzzle session!  Sweet!

Photo credit: Geoff Oliver Bugbee / www.geoffbugbee.com