Spore, games, revolutions


Featured in the latest issue of FAST Company, Spore creator Will Wright favorably compares the destructive power in his game with that in Grand Theft Auto (check out the article and you'll see what I mean), describes the need to get more women into game design, and suggest that being told an idea is crazy is actually a pretty good start.

I'm thinking Jane McGonigal, pictured above, might have a few thoughts on these issues during her appearance at the IdeaFestival on Sat., Sept. 27. Individual and all-access passes are available.

Wright also discusses "gaming and science, the value of scientific revolutions, and advanced life in the universe" with SETI astrobiologist Jill Tarter in SEED's latest salon. SEED does a wonderful job of pairing accomplished people from different disciplines and then seeing where the discussion goes. One of my favorite salons features MOMA curator Paola Antonelli and the father of “fractal” geometry, mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot.