Future, emotion and prediction markets

The future is no place for small thinking, according to the BBC article "The Business of Future Gazing." While briefly noting a couple of predictions that so far have failed to materialize -- flying cars(?), the article says futurologists don't have an incentive to play it safe. Otherwise, what's the point?

Still, there are some constraints. This quote appealed to me.

Trends analyst Dr Patrick Dixon says: 'The past is full of graveyards of bit and pieces of gadgets which form no particularly useful function, or even if the did, they didn't connect with the passions and emotions that people had and they rejected it.

'You can get really focused on technology and the latest innovation, but the fact is the future is about emotion.

'It's about how people feel about technology, it's about how people actually want to live, and that's what really makes the difference.'

It reminded me that emotion is related to the creative process. As a business tool, it also left me wondering how futurologists will stack up against prediction markets, a subject also raised by Ray Betts.


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