Venture art, venturing out

In a recent blog post, Ethan Zuckerman describes his trip to a Creative Capital retreat. Unwilling to let any news slip by that features not one, but two past IdeaFestival participants, I had to post.

Ruby Lerner, by the way, also appears in this IF Conversation:

Creative Capital, as Ethan points out in his post, has applied venture capital techniques to funding the artists with whom it works.

He goes on to say that attending gatherings of people who do not share your professional interests - "other people's conferences" - is a pretty good way to learn something new - not to mention makes for a humbling experience. It's an effective way to discover something new. Having taken the concept of venture capital and applied to the support of artists, Ruby certainly knows a thing or two about making beneficial connections between widely divergent fields.

All of which reminds me of what it's like walking around at IdeaFestival. You're not exactly sure what's happening, or why the cosmologist just brought up Hemingway, but you're strangely turned on by it.