Does the camera really add ten pounds?

Cocktail party physicist Jennifer Ouellette tackles an important question in a recent post, does the camera really add ten pounds?

As with Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, the author of the Physics of NASCAR and IdeaFestival speaker, these kinds of questions serve as an opening to explore everyday physics. I've had opportunity, for example, to explain recently to the little people in my company that even the stoutest vacuum cleaner will not, in fact, suction Jiffy from mom's jeans. Though the exact physical explanation escapes me, I can tell you that the union between fabric and whipped peanuts is darn near perfect.

As for Jennifer, the answers are yes (we see in stereo), yes (the mind will tend to add - ahem - missing information) and no (I asked, and I'm not sorry about it). Check it out.