Dr. Lee Dugatkin: Octopuses and the biology of perspective

In the animal kingdom, how pervasive is the ability to problem solve simply by observing and modeling the same skill in others?

Dr. Lee Alan Dugatkin, who is researching this issue at the University of Louisville, was kind enough to describe his work to me at a recent conference for entrepreneurs sponsored by the Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation. As he explains, if you want to tackle the biology of perspective taking, one good place to start is by studying the octopus, whose brain is physiologically much simpler than ours.

Featured in a wide variety of publications, including the New York Times and Discover Magazine, and having spoken at the London School of Economics, Cambridge and the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies, among other prestigious venues, he will be at the IdeaFestival September 27th talking about "Who Helps Who, and Why?," a session on the biology of goodness that you don't want to miss!

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