Life a property of information?

In his book Pulse, Robert Frenay says that life, among other things, is characterized by the use of energy and information to reproduce, adapt and advance. And I've always liked David Chalmers' suggestion that while "physics is information from the outside," consciousness is "information from the inside."

I thought of those when going through my feeds late last week. Philosopher of information Luciano Floridi takes those big ideas and extends them, suggesting that we're in a fourth information revolution, that rather than a biosphere, we live in an "infosphere."

According to Wikipedia, an infosphere 

is an environment comparable to, but different from cyberspace (which is only one of its sub-regions, as it were), since it also includes off-line and analogue spaces of information. According to [Luciano] Floridi, it is possible to equate the Infosphere to the totality of Being. This equation leads him to an informational ontology.

I'm frankly not close to understanding why this might be so, but the idea couldn't be any bigger. Life becomes a property of information on Floridi's account, not the other way around.