Create Like it's 1790!

Lawrence Lessig, Stanford Law Professor, author of The Future of Ideas and founder of the school's Center on Internet and Society, has something to say about the creative commons. Listen to this fast paced thumbnail history on the development of law and creativity.

Lessig forcefully argues the law has regressed and now increasingly stunts culture by restricting derivative work. For example, the copyright term, 14 years in the 18th century, now stands at over 90 years, extended not coincidentally whenever Micky Mouse is about to pass into public hands.

He believes:

  1. Creativity and innovation always build on the past
  2. The past always tries to control the creativity the builds on it
  3. Free societies enable the future by limiting the past   
  4. Ours is a less and less free society

In his view, current lawmaking (2002) is determined to see to it that "no one can do to Disney inc. What Walt Disney did to the Brother's Grimm."

Filmmakers at the recently concluded Sundance Film Festival also have some thoughts on the artist and distribution on the creative commons.

[UPDATE] I neglected to mention Copyfight, a Corante blog on digital law.


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