Mars lander a Twitter hit

Mars_to_earthbrowseAs a space fan - like you didn't know - I'm extremely happy to report that the Mars Phoenix Lander is killing on Twitter.

The craft, which rocketed to the surface of the planet in May, is looking for evidence of past microbial life at the northern pole.

Written in the first person to save text, accounts of the space craft's activities have moved the Mars' mission to the number 11 spot on Twitterholic. One recent tweat carried a nice surprise, linking to a picture featuring the only shot of Earth from the surface of another planetary body beyond the moon, a result of Mars' rover Spirit snapping a picture of our planet with its navigation camera.214811main_earthmoon516 

On the right is a better image of Earth taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is imaging the surface of Mars in great detail. Given better hardware quality and the lack of an atmosphere with which to contend, the picture taken by the orbiter is much sweeter.