Discounted all-access passes available for IF 2008. Get yours.

Pssst. Yes, you there. Behind the screen. Could I interest you in something guaranteed to blow your mind?

Magician Teller, Seed editor Jonah Lehrer, historian Amy Chua, Black Swan author Nassim Nicholas Taleb, neurosurgeon Katrina Firlik, astrophysicist J. Richard Gott, alternative reality game designer Jane McGonigal, and host of other leading performers and thinkers in the world today will be at the IdeaFestival in September.

And discounted all-access passes for IdeaFestival 2008 have gone on sale! This year IF is offering a special early registration price of $298 for the All-Access Pass, a 15 percent discount off the full price of $350. All-access passes at full price, as well as passes to individual events (paid and free), will be made available beginning July 15th.

The full 2008 agenda, as well as events, speakers and registration can be found here.