For organizations, "wrenching change" comes sooner or later

At Museum 2.0, Nina Simon writes about establishing an organizational skunkworks, a place where sanctioned saboteurs break the rules so that the organization can, in a strategic sense, change the rules. It's a thoughtful riff on a subject she obviously cares about: the museum experience. The top of her post features the image of a famous aircraft with these words:

Would you trust a small group of rule-breakers to change your organization? Lockheed did.

And addressing a complaint about rule breakers, she makes this trenchant observation about change and organizations:

Ok, you might say. But why do I need to put these people in a separate room and let them ignore the accounting forms? Doesn't that fracture our overall institutional culture? Can't we innovate [with] our current systems?

Yes. But it will be wrenching institutional change, or it will be wrenching institutional lack of change.

Fair enough.