Stolen Stories

Every now and then I take my daughter to McDonald's. (Yes I know but they do have salads, milk and fruit now) And every time we are there, there is this interesting man sitting in one of the booths, drawing and writing a fantastic story. Sitting around him on the table are his carvings; beautiful pieces that depict the characters in the fantastical story he is writing. So it was with extreme sadness that I read this. 

So many times there are stories out there that never get published. There are Harry Potters, Grendels, Raskolnikov's, Junie B Jones and others floating around in people's heads. They never even get the chance to become a sentence on a piece of scrap paper. I too have a story, several in fact that have never had the chance to become. So when someone has one, when someone has put years and years into a story and then it just disappears because another felt it was funny to take something, that makes me sad.

So write down your ideas. Explore those fantasy worlds you've been pretending since you were a child. Allow yourself to become the writer that is in you. If nothing else, it will give you a sense of accomplishment that you've put a thought down for posterity. And while you are, think of that man in the booth at McDonald's and send him some positive energy. This world needs good stories to read, to explore, to experience. And the loss of even one is a tragedy.