Hawking: unintelligent life likely

Participating in NASA's celebration of 50 years of space exploration, famed physicist Stephen Hawking suggested that life in the universe might be common. Intelligent life? Not so much. 

Given the organic stew brewing in places elsewhere in our own solar system, the possibility that bacteria and other primitive life forms have managed to gain a foothold in hostile environments doesn't seem at all far-fetched. The expoplanet count, now 200+ strong, continues to expand; there is no reason to believe that ongoing refinements in discovery techniques won't quickly send the number of new planets much, much higher.

Surely there is another rocky world orbiting a distant sun in the Goldilocks zone.

And we also know that so-called "extromophiles" with no access to sunlight have managed to make a home near very hot sulphuric vents in the deepest parts of the Atlantic. Opportunistic, life would appear to have both means and opportunity - on Earth and off.


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