Poetry if you just don't have the time

I don't know very many people who sit around reading poetry.  In fact, the only ones I've ever known to sit around and read poetry are love-sick teenage girls who discovered the writings of Jewell when she was at her peak in the music industry years ago. No, it just isn't fashionable to read poetry. I admit that I too, do not sit around and contemplate the writings of Browning, Donne or Frost. In fact the only time I really ever do read poetry (did read poetry) was during my work as an English teacher in which I had to include the study of poetry in English language arts. 

It is a shame though. There are a great many poems out there worth the time and so for this entry I shall attempt to get the masses (all 5 of you) who read this post to become familiar with some very famous, very good poems.