Shakespeare, Hollywood Style

If you've never watched Kenneth Branaghs version of Much Ado About Nothing, you simply must. Catch a short piece of it here. Besides the fact that he looks a lot like my husband (:) and I think he is absolutely yummy, his is, honestly, one of the best Shakespearean actors out there. 

One really must see a Shakespearean play. Although we study the bard's language in class and watch some movies and try, oh try to help 14 year-olds understand the passion of Romeo and Juliet, it really doesn't do the plays justice unless someone with a particular talent at understanding those lines delivers them in an appropriate fashion. 

Actually, anything Branagh does is splendid but if you are sitting home one night thinking, "I really need to watch a Shakespearean play to hone my Elizabethan language skills", this movie is the one to see.  Of course if you'd rather see a tragedy and ponder the meaning of "to be or not to be", his version of Hamlet is fabulous as well.