IF Event: Lights out Dinners

The2008 IdeaFestival in Louisville, KY is still six months away, but why wait to experience it? A series of unique spring and summer dining events is being planned to remind people that the Festival is about innovation, creativity and taking a few risks.

What are you doing April 17 at 6:30p?

The daring diners who attend the Lights Out Dinner at chef Peng Looi’s Asiatique Asian Fusion restaurant on Bardstown Road will be asked to try something more than a little out of the ordinary: enjoying a multi-course meal without seeing it.

Diners will be blindfolded as they enter the darkened room reserved for the dinner, and enjoy a series of imaginative courses paired with wines and other spirits, all without setting eyes on them.

Why would anyone want to eat in the dark?

Ask diners in Paris, Zurich, New York and other cities where the dining in the dark concept has taken off in recent years. There’s even a restaurant in Los Angeles that now serves all its meals in utter darkness, its waiters outfitted with night-vision goggles. Another, in Cologne, Germany, employs blind or vision-impaired servers in its subterranean, windowless dining room.

Those who’ve tried this particular dining experience say canceling out the often-dominant sense of sight heightens the senses of taste and touch.

Chef Looi is not revealing the menu ahead of time, but assures participants he’ll personally present each course and explain his approaches to scintillating ingredients, spices, sauces, temperatures, techniques, and the fine balance between sweet and savory.

Seating will be limited to the first 50 people who register. Tickets for the complete meal with wine and other pairings are $100 apiece, which includes gratuities and taxes.

Make your reservations now, and we look forward to not seeing you there!

Upcoming IdeaFestival Lights Out Dinners are planned at the Mayan Café downtown, in June, and the Patron on Frankfort Avenue, in early September. For more information on these unique experiences, phone David Mudd at 502.859.1762 or contact him by email.