Local ads redrawing media map

The New York Times writes (free registration required) that advertising is crossing the digital divide separating Madison Avenue from mainstreet.

Google has of course grown rich by running ads alongside your search results. It's now looking to run those ads in traditional radio and print outlets on behalf of its ad buyers.

Local television stations are exploring ways to distribute hit shows on the Web, but only in their geographic regions. They want to make sure creative work doesn't bypass them on its way from the national networks to your iPod. In contrast, other products like Slingbox and LocationFree aim to make your local sports broadcast available anywhere in the world.

And yet another company wants to put you in charge of advertising. Spotrunner makes thousands of templates available for the small business owner to customize to run television ads. The cost per run works out to only a few dollars per 30 second advertisement, according to the Times report, putting local advertising within reach whether you're a car manufacturer, beer bottler or the local bowling alley.


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