"Humanitarian Technology Review"

Bruno Giussani has posted an article about a new journal with an intriguing title: The Humanitarian Technology Review. A project of InSTEDD, the journalist effort is based on the idea that many of the worst results from disease and disaster can be traced to an inadequate understanding of events between specialties.

Bruno cites the early reporting of West Nile Virus among large mammals in veterinary journals; that information might have helpful to medical doctors had the information been made available to them. He also lists this impressive list of fields the journal will cover:

early disease detection, predictive modeling and simulation, mobile communications, transportation, water and sanitation, green tech, climate change impacts, machine translation, vaccines, crisis management, food security, resilience and recovery, energy, chronic disease, microbiology, just to mention a few.

The goal of InSTEDD, according to Bruno, is to provide "the earliest possible warning of all bad things."