"Charter for Compassion"

Since I mentioned TED, please have a look at Ethan Zuckerman's blog where he's live blogging what's happening. For variety, see Bruno Giussani's list of people blogging TED. 

Ethan's latest entry at the time of this writing was about author Kathleen Norris, a writer on faith and religion who makes a sharp and important distinction between the two. The former is about believing - which, suitably enough, is a deep subject for rationalists - the other about behaving. It's a mandate supported explicitly by my own faith tradition and, speaking as a nerd and introvert, one that I wrestle with. I struggle to do and not just think about doing.

Norris also makes known her TED wish - part of the newly announced TEDPrizes - to create a "charter for compassion" that might be circulated worldwide to emphasize that the Abrahamic faiths hold "doing unto others" in common.

The other winners, Dave Eggers and Neil Turok make similarly inspired wishes. Please check them out.