MacArthur awards pioneering digital media and learning projects

Concluding its first ever digital media and learning competition, The MacArthur Foundation has recognized 17 winners from over over 1,000 applicants. The organization selected recipients in two categories, Innovation and Knowledge Networking, awarding implemented ideas ranging from a DIY Science site targeting youth to literacy games in India that employ mobile technology. There are several very ambitious projects listed. Click over there and see for yourself.

Having come from the Information Technology world and spending (still) entirely too much time in my head, the idea that we could all produce media was and still is a shattering realization. And while I'm not as sanguine as I used to be that distributed and social media can by itself change organizations, there is no doubt in my mind that the digital canvas can accommodate experimentation and human expression in ways as yet unrealized. MacArthur backs that idea with monster cash.