Is creativity the new literacy?

Sir Ken Robinson suggests in this TED video that in a deep sense creativity is now as important as literacy. He asks in a thoroughly funny and engaging way whether an educational system designed "to educate students from the waist up" is getting it right.

Are our bodies simply transportation for our heads?

Not only does creativity provide an intellectual edge, but for my adopted home state, Kentucky, which does not have the kind of capital resources other states possess, but does have a rich musical and storytelling heritage upon which to draw, it can help level the economic playing field. Yes of course instruction in the basics is absolutely essential, but it's the creative deployment of the basics that creates value. Both must be taught; one essentially isn't. 

I had mentioned this video some time before, but thanks to TED I can embed it here for you to watch. It is certainly a favorite of mine among the many great videos released by the organization. 

Sir Ken Robinson is the author of the book Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative.