Universes beyond

Could the math in string theory, the most esoteric of symbolic languages, have a physical analog after all?

Found via Michio Kaku's site, an article in Physorg.com suggests that primordial strings might be found in the deepest time. Since one of the primary criticisms of string theory is that it cannot be tested and is thus not science, the news that cosmic microwave background radiation might be scanned for evidence of strings would seem to be a relatively straightforward scientific proposition.

Related, Universe Today has posted an article saying that the Large Hadron Collider, scheduled to go online this spring, might generate particles "that are sensitive to the dimensions beyond our four dimensional space-time."

These exotic particles, called Kaluza-Klein gravitons, would be highly sensitive to the geometry of extra-dimensions, giving scientists an idea about what lies beyond our universe. If these particles are detected, and if their characteristics can be measured, then perhaps the extra dimensions predicted by string theory may be proven to exist…

That's a lot of ifs, of course. But the universe beyond? Now that's cool. And if you're into participatory science and you have a few extra and available computing clock cycles, you can lend a hand.


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