Blogging "nerd Christmas"

Today, I'm highlighting today some of the other media produced at the IdeaFestival. Check it out.My loueyville enjoyed a Nerd Christmas, enjoying in particular John McPherson, Paul Osterlund and of course, Anthony Bourdain. Susan Gosselin, who along with Matt Ooley shot and uploaded quite a bit of video, updated the Vest Advertising blog. At the Kentucky Children's Health and Fitness Fund, Jan Winter wrote about Kids and the Beautiful Future.Carl Gibson will also host some of the presenters on the Faux Radio Show, beginning tomorrow.Keith Robbins, who shot last year's What's Your Big Idea? panel, featuring game designer Jane McGonigal and philosopher Sandy Goldberg among others, provided some video of the Ahn Trio this year. Thanks Keith! Daan Roosegaarde's work was highlighted at by the Louisvillian at MetroMojo, who also blogged Julian Beever's perspective-changing art outside the Kentucky Center. See his film of the Dune 4.0 installation: What did I miss?Wayne