"Jumper" physics tough, but

Just how well do the physics in the movie Jumper measure up? A panel at MIT recently tackled the issue.

[Edward] Farhi, the director of the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT, saidbreakthroughs in physics have allowed a particle to be teleported up to two miles. To move a human, though, well, let’s just say, [Jumper star Hayden] Christensen might not like the answer.

'We would have to destroy the actor,' Farhi said in jest as the panel dissected the film’s take on science. 'That’s a very hard protocol.'

Piffle. The whole entanglement thing is a tough problem, but it's not like Christensen has to do it himself. The IdeaFestival is working on the physics one artist at a time and new volunteers are being sought.

Are you listening George Clooney?

Wikipedia and CNN have more if you like the whole scrambled atoms idea.