IdeaFestival - IdeaFestival Speakers 2013-2000

IdeaFestival Speakers 2013-2000

IF 2013

DmitriAlperovitch 150
Dmitri Alperovitch

RossBaird 150
Ross Baird

ChrisBliss 150
Chris Bliss
IF Conversation

OliverBurkeman 150
Oliver Burkeman
IF Conversation

MajoraCarter 150
Majoria Carter

BethComstock 150
Beth Comstock

HasanDavis 150
Hasan Davis
Zev Dickstein
EricDyer 150
Eric Dyer
RonFinley 150
Ron Finley
CariwylHebert 150Cairwyl Hebert LanceHosey 150
Lance Hosey
IF Conversation
CalvinJohnson 150
Calvin Johnson
mariakonnikova 150Maria Konnikova
IF Conversation
DonaldLassere 150Donald Lassere RubyLerner 150Ruby Lerner Rafael-Lozano-Hemmer 150Rafael Lozano-Hemmer MaasaiWarriorsLast Maasai Warriors
DaphneMiller 150
Daphne Miller
IF Conversation
KellyMooney 150Kelly Mooney MotherFalcon-1Mother Falcon

CullenMurphy 150Cullen Murphy
IF Conversation

RogerNewton 150Roger Newton JasonPontin 150Jason Pontin
Retazos 150
Retazos Dance Theatre
PaulRucker 150Paul Rucker sagarin 150Rafe Sagarin
IF Conversation
StephenSaloom 150Stephen Saloom DianeShiller 150Daniela Schiller MarioSimon 150Mario Simon
brookssimpson 150
Brooks Simpson
KrisSirchioKris Sirchio KevinSmokler 150Kevin Smokler JimSStengel 150Jim Stengel (via video) AlexStone 150Alex Stone
IF Conversation
JesseSugarmann 150Jesse Sugarmann
ElaineTinNyo 150
Elaine Tin Nyo
TereraiTrent 150Tererai Trent ArialWaldman 150Ariel Waldman
IF Conversation
KimXuKim Xu


IF 2012

Grimanesa Amorós - Multimedia Artist
Maurice Ashley – International Grand Master of Chess
John Barker - Director, Frankfurt Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Germany
Steve Berry – Retired Warden, Luckett Correctional Facility
Michelle Bombe – Professor of Theater Hope College
Larry Chandler – Chairman, Kentucky Parole Board, Retired Warden for the Kentucky Dept. of Corrections
Liz Cohen (in cooperation with Creative Capital) - Visual Artist, Artist-in-Residence/Head of Photography at Cranbrook Academy of Art.
Kevin Colleran - Venture Partner at General Catalyst Partners, Angel Investor and Entrepreneur, Facebook's first sales executive
Richard DeMillo, Distinguished Professor of Comuting at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Director of the Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U)
Hasan Elahi (in cooperation with Creative Capital) - Artist, Director of Digital Culture and Creativity Program, University of Maryland
Sarathbabu Elumalai – Food entrepreneur whose goal is to help end hunger in India
Nikky Finney – 2011 National Book Award Winner, Poetry
Emily Foerster - Social Media Community Manager, Humana Vitality
Mangesh Hattikudur – founding mental_flosser
Tahir Hemphill – Creative director and multimedia artist
Richard Hughes – Union Sheet Metal Worker, Shakespeare Behind Bars Alumni
David Kaiser - Germeshausen Professor of the History of Science. Department Head, Program in Science, Technology, & Society, MIT
Michael Kimmelman – Author, Critic, Columnist, Pianist
Ruby Lerner - President, CEO of Creative Capital Foundation
Cynthia Lowen - Producer/Writer of Award-Winning Documentary, "Bully"
Larry Lucas – Small Business Owner, Shakespeare Behind Bars Alumni
Patrick McGovern – Scientific Director of the Biomolecular Archeology Laboratory for Cuisine, Fermented Beveraes and health at the University of Pennsylvania Museum, winner of mental_floss Golend Lobes award
David Mohney – Professor, Dean Emeritus at UK, Author
Janelle Monáe
– Three time Grammy nominee
Tori Murden McClure
– First woman and first American to row solo across the Atlantic
Kevin Olusola
– beatbox cellist, member of Pentatonix
Will Pearson
 - President, mental_floss magazine and
Tristan Perich
 - Artist, Composer, Winner of mental_floss Golden Lobes Award
Joel Pett 
– American Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Lexington Herald-Leader
Rosalind Picard
 - Director of Affective Computer Research @ MIT Media Lab, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Scientist, Affectiva
Jason Pontin
 – Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of MIT Technology Review
Shankar Ram
 - Vice President of Innovation, Humana
Lisa Randall
 - Professor of Physics at Harvard University
Peter Sims
 – Author of Little Bets, and Entrepreneur
LaDonna Thompson
– Commissioner, Kentucky Department of Corrections
Baratunde Thurston
 – Author of How To Be Black, Founder of Cultivated Wit, Former Digital Director of The Onion, Comedian and Political Activist
Curt Tofteland
– Founder, Shakespeare Behind Bars
Sajel Vallabh
– Avid Tennis Player, Student, Winner of mental_floss Golden Lobes Award
Sam Van Aken
– Installation, new media artist
Peter Van Buren
 – Author of We Meant Well, Former Foreign Service Officer
Greg Van Kirk
 - Executive Director and Co-Founder of Community Enterprise Solutions
Spencer West
– Motivational speaker for Me to We Foundation
David Williamson
– World Renowned Magician
Steve Wilson
– creative force behind 21c Museum hotels with co-founder Laura Lee Brown
Jodie Wu
 - CEO of Global Cycle Solutions, 2011 TED Global Fellow

IF 2011

John Alberti – Professor of English and Director of Cinema Studies at Northern Kentucky University
Azure Antoinette - Poet & Spoken Word Artist / Youth Literacy Advocate
Rosa Arriaga – Developmental Psychologist in the School of Interactive Computing
David Barnes - Program Director, Strategy & Emerging Internet Technologies, IBM
Suketu Bhavsar - Theoretical Astrophysicist, Kellogg Honors College, Cal Ply Ponoma
Bigert, Max & Bergstrom, Lars - Artists, Stockholm, Sweden
Charles Birnbaum – Founder and President of The Cultural Landscape Foundation
Erika Blumenfeld – Documents the natural world through photo- and video-based works
Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata - Musicians
Lisa Broome-Price – Professor, University of Kentucky
Tom Byers – Professor of English, Director of the Commonwealth Center for the Humanities & Society, & Acting Director of film and Digital Media Studies at the University of Louisville.
Aneesh Chopra -Chief Technology Officer for the United States
George Christ – Professor of Regenerative Medicine Translational Science and Head of the Program in Cell, Tissue and Organ Physiology at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Twyman Clements - Space Systems Engineer with Kentucky Space
Laurie Daugherty - Associate Vice President, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation
Aubrey de Grey - British Researcher on Aging, Author
Ron Demarse – Western Kentucky University School of Journalism & Broadcasting faculty
Tim Donaghy - Former Professional Basketball Referee, Author
Connie Duckworth - Trailblazing Business Leader, Known for Innovation, Social Impact and Tireless Advocacy for Women's Economic Empowerment, Founder ARZU
Daniel Erb - Former Space Systems Engineer with Kentucky Space
Joke Fincieon & Biagio Messina - Film Producers of the Award-Winning Documentary Dying to Do Letterman
John Fitch III – Broadcasting and Mass Media Scholar and Professional
Emily Foerster - The Big Be
Christian Davis Furman – Geriatrician whose focus is on research and education in palliative medicine
Sam Graham Felsen -Blogger and Journalist
Diane Hatz – Co-Founder & Director, The Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming
Jeffrey Hill – Filmmaker and Associate Professor of Mass Communication at Morehead State University
Heather Howell - Chief Tea Officer of Roobiee Red Tea
Shih Chieh Huang – Taiwanese-born artist working in the sculpture medium
Nat Irvin – Founder of Thrivals and University of Louisville College of Business Professor
Anthony Jewett – Co-Founder & Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Center for Global Engagement
Maz Jobrani - Comedian
Parag Khanna - Geo-Strategist, World Traveler, Author of How to Run the World
Cory Kidd - Human-robot Interaction Practitioner, MIT Media Lab
Kris Kimel - IdeaFestival Founder
Sheril Kirshenbaum - Research Scientist, Author of The Science of Kissing
Phil Kraemer – Professor of Psychology and Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, University of Kentucky
Ruby Lerner – Founding President of Creative Capital Foundation in New York
Al Letson – Soul-stirring, interdisciplinary work to bring people together on common themes
Burn Lewis – IBM's Watson Project Manager
Nancy Martin – Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Louisville
Steve Mazan – Comedian, subject of Dying to Do Letterman documentary
Ellen McGeeney – President, Grasshoppers Distribution
Cesar Millan - Host of the show The Dog Whisperer
Sugata Mitra – Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University in the UK and a visiting professor at MIT
Leonard Mlodinow - Physicist and Author of The Drunkard's Walk
Janelle Monaé – Grammy Nominated Singer, Songwriter, Dancer and Performer
Wes Moore - Youth Advocate, Business Leader and Author of The Other Wes Moore
John Moore - Physician, Technologist and PhD Candidate in New Medicine Group at the MIT Media Lab.
Sena Jeter Naslund – co-Founder and Program Director of the Spalding University brief-residency MDA in Writing
Sean O'Leary - Associate Vice President, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation
Joshua Overbay –Film Studies and Film Production Assistant Professor, Asbury University
Richard Pell – Pittsburgh-based artist working at the intersections of science, engineering and culture
Christopher Phillips - Philosopher, Democracy Advocate and Author of Socrates Cafe
Stu Pollard – Filmmaker, Adjunct Professor at USC's School of Cinematic Arts & founding Master Class Instructor at the Filmmaking Certificate Program at Bluegrass Community and Technical College
Stephen Reily – Founder & CEO,
Patrick Renvoisé - co-Founder and President, SalesBrain, Inc. and Author of Neuromarketing
Julie Robinson
- Program Scientist for the International Space Station (ISS) for NASA at Johnson Space Center
Elizabeth Scharpf - Founder & Chief Instigating Officer, Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE)
Mark Shepard – Artist and Architect
David Shepler – Program Manager for IBM's Jeopardy Challenge, Watson Project Manager
Daniel Simons - Professor, the Beckman Institute, University of Illinois and Co-Author of The Invisible Gorilla
Mary Berry Smith – Owner of Smith-Berry Vineyard and Winery
Ed Smith – Professor and Chairperson, Department of Theatre & Film, Georgetown College
Ted Smith – Director of the Innovation Office for the Louisville Kentucky Metropolitan Government
Don Stewart – Artist
Lindsey Stirling - Hip Hop Violinist
Chris Strobel – Filmmaker, Owner Good Morning Egg Productions
Tama Thé – President of the University of Louisville School of Medicine, class of 2013
Sarah Wylie A. VanMeter – Filmmaker, artist and educator
Watson – IBM Computing system that rivals a human's ability to answer questions posed in natural language with speed, accuracy and confidence
Pamela Z – Composer/performer and media artist

IF 2010

Caroline Alexander – Classicist, Journalist and Author, The War That Killed Achilles: The True Story of Homer;s Illiad and the Trojan War
Morgan Atkinson – Independent Producer, Writer and Director
Makalani Bandele – Affrilachian Poet and Cave Canem Fellow
Sanford Biggers – Multidisciplinary artist integrating film/video, installation, sculpture, music and performance
Howard Bloom – Public Relations executive with an unusual approach to the study of mass moods and cultural convolutions
Rick Bragg – Author and Pulitzer Prize-winning national correspondent for the New York Times
Marquis Brown – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the National Center for Global Engagement
Carol Butler – President and CEO of Butler Books in Louisville, KY
Marcel Cabrera – Filmmaker, owner of Lumiere, a production house
Sean Carroll – Theoretical Physicist at Caltech in Pasadena, CA, Author of Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time
Lisa Cortés – Filmmaker, Executive Producer on Precious
Phillip Done – Educator and Author of Close Encounters of the Third-Grade Kind
Michael Dougan – Screenwriter and Educator
Kathleen Driskell – Poet, Associate Director of Spalding University's Brief-Residency MFA in Writing Program
Alejandro Echeverri – Architect, Urban planner, Curry Stone Design Prize awardee
Arnold Garson – Publisher and President of the Louisville Courier-Journal
Anand Giridharadas – Columnist for the New York Times its global edition the International Herald Tribune, Author of The Age of the Fusionista, The New Geography of Bright Ideas and Rise of Gandhian Engineering
Brendan Greeley – Technology and Policy Correspondent for The Economist
Brent Green – Self-Taught Animator and Artist
Jud Hendrix – Convening Pastor of Covenant Community Church, Director of The Eccelsia Project for the Mid Kentucky Presbytery and facilitator with New Possibility Associates
Hugh Herr – Director, The Biomechatronics Group, MIT Media Lab
Jennie Hulette – Assistant Vice President, Our Lady of Peace
Vanessa Hurst – Executive Director, The Merton Institute for Contemplative Living
Nat Irvin – Founder of Thrivals, Professor, College of Business, University of Louisville
Anthony Jewett – Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the National Center for global Engagement
John Kobara – Chief Operating Officer, California Community Foundation
Elizabeth Kramer – Visual Art Writer, The Courier-Journal
Jon Landau – Filmmaker, co-producer of Avatar and Titanic
George Legrady – Digital Media and Installation Artist
Ruby Lerner – Founding President of Creative Capital, New York
Tori Murden McClure – Explorer, adventurer, Author of A Pearl in the Storm and President of Spalding University in Louisville
Ellen McGirt – Fast Company Magazine Senior Writer
Daphne Miller - LA-based Physician and Author of The Jungle Effect
Janelle Monáe - Grammy-Nominated Singer, Songwriter and Performer
Victoria Myers – Chief Development Officer, University of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington
Martha Newman –Director of Access Services, Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
Nichelle Nichols – Actress, Lt. Uhura in TV series, Star Trek
Mary Lou Northern – Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Louisville and writer
Will Pearson – Co-Founder mental_floss magazine
Philippe Petit – French high wire artist
Kiki Petrosino – Program Assistant, University of Iowa's International Writing Program
Harry Pickens – Modern Day Renaissance Man, World-Class Jazz Pianist, Composer and community Organizer
Brother Paul Quenon – Trappist Monk, Abbey of Gethsemai
Jae Rhim Lee – Visual Artist, Permaculture Designer, Mushroom Lover and Compost Fetishist
Melinda Ritchie – Professional Dancer, member of Diavolo Dance Theater group
David Robinson – Founder of Tanzania coffee farm and son of Jack and Rachel Robinson
Arthur Rouse - Filmmakers Studio
Stefan Sagmeister – Designer, founder of New York-based Sagmeister, Inc.
Dom Sagolla - helped create Twitter in 2006 and author of 140 Characters: Style Guide for Short Form
Avideh Shashaani - The Contemplative Life / Merton Institute for Contemplative Living
Scott Shuffitt – Filmmaker and founding co-partner in the Lebowski Fest
Peter W. Singer - Robots and the Future of Conflict in the 21st Century
Lakshmi Singh – Midday Newscaster for NPR
Ben Sollee - Beautiful Limitations: Bicycles, Music, and Community-Based Touring
Steve Staley – Owner Kentucky Grip & Lighting and Studio One Kentucky
Daniel Tammet - High-Functioning Autistic Savant, Linguist and New York Times Best-Selling Author of Born on a Blue Day
Jim Tucker - Researcher, Division of Perceptual Studies, University of Virginia
Tom Williams – Attorney, Stoll Keenon Ogden, Louisville, KY
Molly Wood – Executive Editor and On-Camera Video Host at, Host of the Buzz Report and Gadgettes

IF 2009

Ahn Trio - Musicians
Julian Beever - English, Belgium-based 3D Chalk Artist
Veronica Bero - Multifaceted actor who has appeared in a range of films
Anthony Bourdain – Chef, Author
Moira Gunn - Tech Nation and BioTech Nation Host and author
Bert Hoelldobler - Pulitzer Prize Myrmecologist and author
A.J. Jacobs - Author
Luyanda Mpahlwa - 2008 Curry Stone Design Prize winner
Paul Osterlund - Abundance Farming
Kenn Parks - The ART of Activism
Daan Roosegaarde - Artist
Tina Rose - English Director, AdvanceKentucky
Daniel Roth - Senior Writer, Wired Magazine
Arthur Rouse – Filmmaker, Educator, Musician and Entrepreneur
Domenica Scorese – Writer/Director/Actress
Jason Shankel - Writer, coder, filmmaker and game developer
Tiffany Shlain - Filmmaker, founder of The Webby Awards
Diane Snow – Professor, University of Kentucky
Chris Turney - Professor of Physical Geography
Naomi Tutu - Human Rights Activist
Po Chi Wu - Professor, co-founding Executive Director of Global Innovation Research Center
Kulapat Yantrasast - Architect
Marc Yu - Child Prodigy Pianist

IF 2008

Mark Beasley - A Curator at Creative Time
Suketu Bhavsar – Physicist
Bridget Brennan - Leading marketing and business strategist
Nickole Brown - Poet
Amy Chua - Author, global politics and economics analyst
Howard Dubrovsky - Chef, food stylist, writer
Lee Dugatkin - Professor, researcher
Jack Epps Jr. - Screenwriter
Katrina S.  Firlik - Neurosurgeon, author
Vova Galchenko - World Champion Juggler
Emiliano Gandolfi - Architect
John Gauntt - International mobile marketing leader
Sanford Goldberg - Author, philosophy professor Northwestern University
J. Richard  Gott - Astrophysicist Princeton University, author
Lori Hartmann-Mahmud - Author, professor, International politics/affairs
Jacques Heim - Artistic Director
Robert Hupfer - Director–R&D, Webasto Product North America
Immaculee Ilibagiza - Author, Rwanda survivor, peace activist
Bjarke Ingels - Danish Architect/Designer
Peter King - Ninjutsu Master
Richard Kogan - Psychiatrist, world-class concert pianist
Philipp J.  Kraemer - The Big Jam
Jonah Lehrer - Author, editor
Diandra Leslie-Pelecky - Author The Physics of NASCAR
Everett D.  McCorvey - The Big Jam
Jane McGonigal - Game designer, future forecaster
Lopa Mehrotra - The Big Jam
Kenn Parks - Social entrepreneur/symbolic-abstract artist
Christophe Poizat - social entrepreneur, author
Arne Quinze - Belgian Artist/Designer
Brad Riddell - The Big Jam/Filmmakers Studio
Mark Shepherd - The Big Jam/Filmmakers Studio
Will Shortz - Crossword creator, puzzle master
Nassim Nicholas Taleb - Philosopher, scholar of randomness
Teller - Illusionist, comedian, author, history of magic expert

IF 2007

Amira Al Hussaini - Middle East Blogger and news editor
Ray Bradbury ("beamed down" via Teleportec) - Novelist, writer, essayist, playwright, screenwriter, poet
Dirk Brockmann - Physicist at Max Planck Institute in Germany
Lisa Broome-Price – University of Kentucky professor
Nickole Brown - Poet
Geoff Oliver Bugbee - Photographer
Ignacio Bunster-Ossa - "Green" landscape planner and designer
Homaro Cantu - Chicago-based chef, inventor, entrepreneur and leader in "molecular gastronomy"
Tricia Clement – University of Kentucky
Michael Drane - Managing Partner- Louisville Creation Gardens
Frances Gallup - Geek Squad
Dan Gediman - Executive Producer of the This I Believe series on NPR They Might Be Giants
Laurence Gonzales - Award-winning writer and author of Deep Survival
Wayne W.  Hall, Jr. – IdeaFestival Blogger
Barrington Irving - The youngest individual & first person of African descent to fly solo around the world.
Ned Kahn - Environmental artist and sculptor
Michio Kaku - Leading theoretical physicist and author
Richard Kogan - Psychiatrist, world-class concert pianist
Nicholas Kristof - Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the New York Times
Shudun Liu – Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Louisville
Jeffrey Manber – Pioneering Commercial Space Entrepreneur
Tom Marksbury – Documentary Filmmaker
James McLurkin - MIT-based leader in distributed robotics, developer of the world's largest "swarm" of robots
Craig Nevill-Manning - Google New York Engineering Director
Harry Pickens - Jazz musician, social entrepreneur
Georgia Popplewell - Trinidad-based media producer, journalist, editor, blogger
Steve  Schwandner – President, Seeideas
Jeffrey Schwartz - Psychiatrist, neuroscientist and author
Kathryn Sederquist - Geek Squad
Tiffany Shlain - Filmmaker, founder of The Webby Awards
Cameron Sinclair - Co-founder of Architecture for Humanity & the Open Architecture Network
Ralston Steenrod - Classmate and good friend of Hunter Thompson
John D.  Stempel - Former Middle East Diplomat/author
Juan Thompson - Son of Hunter S. Thompson
Tom Thurman – Producer and Director of documentaries
Karen Walker - New Zealand-based fashion designer
Steve Wozniak - Co-founder of Apple, inventor, entrepreneur
Ethan Zuckerman - Global Voices" leader, founder of Geekcorps

IF 2006

John Barrow - Physicist, author and playwright
Paula Bates
- Inventor of a Targeted Cancer Drug, University of Louisville
Suketu Bhavsar – Astrophysicist, University of Kentucky
Michael Blowen - Former film critic of the Boston Globe
Valerie Boyd - Writer, editor, arts and culture critic
Jock Brandis - Author, film technician, inventor, Full Belly Project
Mary Carmichael - Journalist/web editor mental_floss magazine
Jason Chesney - Discoverer of cancer-growth enzyme, University of Louisville
K. C. Cole - Author & former LA Times Science Writer
Henry Cunningham - Fulbright scholar & educational consultant, University of Louisville
Stan Curtis - Entrepreneur, Founder of USA Harvest
Steve Curwood - Producer NPR's Living on Earth
Zade Dirani - Jordanian composer, pianist, peace activist
Suzette Dutch - Triathlon Medical Ventures, Venture Capitalist
John W.  Eaton - Noted researcher in cancer vaccines, University of Louisville
John Gaeta - Visual Effects Designer of the Matrix trilogy
Debra Galant - Author, new media commentator/blogger,
Adriaan Geuze - Internationally known landscape architect, West 8 Urban Design and Architecture
Laman Gray - World renowned cardiac surgeon, University of Louisville
Fred Gray - Veteran civil rights attorney
Lynn Harper - NASA leader for space exploration, NASA Ames
Laura J.  Kilcrease - Venture capitalist, Triton Ventures
Richard Kogan - Psychiatrist & world class concert pianist
Ray Kurzweil - Author, inventor, leading futurist
Polly LaBarre - Author, former editor at Fast Company Magazine
J.D. Lasica - Co-founder and president of Ourmedia
Paul D.  Miller - DJ Spooky; multimedia hip-hop artist
David Mohney
- International leader in architectural design, University of Kentucky
Harry Pickens - Jazz musician, social entrepreneur
Sumanth D.  Prabhu - Leading environmental cardiologist, University of Louisville
Burt Rutan - Inventor, innovator, entrepreneur
Buck Ryan - Advocate for new media citizen-driven journalism, University of Kentucky
Robert Sapolsky - Neuroscientist, biologist, author
Bob Saunders - Venture capitalist, Chrysalis Ventures, Inc.
Leonard Shlain - Inventor, author, surgeon
Kevin Smokler - Leading thinker on new media/author
Elizabeth Spiers - Publisher/Editor
John D.  Stempel - Former Middle East Diplomat/author, University of Kentucky
Jeremy Sugarman - Johns Hopkins bioethicist
John D.  Stempel - Former Middle East Diplomat/author, University of Kentucky
Peter van Lindonk - International creativity expert, founder of PINC
Ethan Zuckerman - Harvard University/"Global Voices" leader

IF 2004

Ackbar Abbas - World renowned Professor of Comparative Literature
Helene Andersson - 2003/2004 member of the "TR 100", Silex Microsystems AB
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter - Top advisor to Congress and the Pentagon on defense issues, former member of the Doobie Brothers & Steely Dan
Paul Berger - Primarily involved in digital manipulation of electronic images for the past twenty years, University of Washington
Alex Breton - Serial international entrepreneur, designer, and inventor; author of over twenty patent applications, Xpandium AB a Swedish
Lance Brunner - Leader of a variety of workshops and retreats for personal development and group process, University of Kentucky
Ben Carson - Pediatric neurosurgeon and president and co-founder of the Carson Scholars Fund
Iain Couzin - Professor of Biology with a joint appointment at Princeton and Oxford Universities
Neil Gershenfeld - Director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms
Sanford Goldberg - Specializes in topics at the intersection of Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology
Adam Gordon - Co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Next American City
Ayanna Howard - An engineer at NASA focusing on robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine vision; 2003/2004 member of the "TR 100"
Rebecca Hutton - President of Theatre of Inclusion and founding director of Dante Ventresca
Johnson Brothers Band - Specializes in performing meticulously reproduced renditions of challenging large-band material rarely heard in area clubs
Margaret King - The Center for Cultural Studies and Analysis
Richard Kogan - New York-based psychiatrist and world-class concert pianist whose work includes studying the relationship between mental illness and creativity
Meriah Kruse - Founder of Gentle Adventures
Erin Lavik - 2003/2004 member of the "TR 100", Biomedical Engineering, Yale University
Sylvia Lovely - President of the NewCities Foundation
Ron Luckey - Pastor, Faith Lutheran Church of Lexington
Sri Devendrakeerty Bhattarakamah Swamiju  - resides in Hombuja, India and is an international authority on Jain philosophy and religion
Sir George Martin - Producer and composer for the Beatles
Jim McMurtray - Author of Barbarian Science and heads The National Alliance of State Science and Mathematics Coalitions
Evan Mehlenbacher - Graduate of Stanford University in Economics and a Christian Science practitioner and teacher of spiritual health
Mubeen Mohiuddinis - A South Asian American (Indian origin) Muslim. Speaks on subjects of Islamic faith & practices as well as social and religious customs of India
David Mohney - Dean of the College of Design, University of Kentucky
Mystic Rhythms - The Soka Gakkai International (SGI-USA) has a strong commitment to the realization of world peace through individual happiness
Jamie O'Boyle - The Center for Cultural Studies and Analysis
Will Pearson - President and co-founder of mental_floss magazine
Steven Pinker - Author of The Blank Slate and Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University
Dith Pran - Anti-genocide advocate and subject of the movie The Killing Fields
Mark Reeves - Commercialization Manager in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Office of Technology Transfer
ResonantVoices - A non-profit organization with the mission of Promoting Diversity Celebration through Music and Poetry
Oliver Sacks - Best-selling author (Awakenings, etc.) and internationally known neurologist
Terry Samuel - Vice President of OEM and Alliances for the Consumer Printer Division, Lexmark International
Greg Schmidt - Leader in space exploration and astrobiology with NASA
Leonard Shlain - Eclectic thinker, inventor and author
John Sibert - Successful venture capitalist and technology commercialization professional
Twyla Tharp - Emmy award winning and internationally famous choreographer
Alkioni Valsari - Promising young director from Greece
Dante Ventresca - Founding director of the Theatre of Inclusion (TOI)
Jerry Walls - Professor of Philosophy at Asbury Seminary and Senior Speaking Fellow in the Morris Institute for Human Values
Pamela Yenawine - Executive Director of Interfaith Paths to Peace
Lisa Zunshine - Assistant Professor of English at University of Kentucky

IF 2002

John Amoroso - Co-founder and Director of the Spring Haven Center
John Briggs - Professor in the Department of English Language, Comparative Literature and Writing at Western Connecticut State University
Lance Brunner - Professor of Music History at the University of Kentucky; Kellogg National Fellow; founding member of the Institute of Music and Medicine at the University of Louisville
Robert Cooper - Professor of Industrial Marketing and Technology Management at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.
Patrick Donnelly - Speaks on workplace and science and technology topics for industry organizations and national conferences
Richard Florida - Author of the ground-breaking book, The Rise Of The Creative Class: And How Its Transforming Work, Leisure Community and Everyday Life
Brother Paul Quenon - Trappist monk of the Abbey of Gethsemani
Judah Levine - Research focuses on the statistics of precision clocks and frequency standards
Gil Gordon - Recognized around the world as a leading authority in the telecommuting field and a respected industry expert
Sanford Goldberg - Specialization concerns topics at the intersection of Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, and Epistemology, University of Kentucky
J. Richard Gott - Professor of astrophysics is noted for his contributions to cosmology and general relativity and author of Time Travel in Einstein's Universe, Princeton University
Brian Greene - One of today's leading theoretical physicists and a brilliant communicator of cutting-edge scientific concepts and best-selling author of The Elegant Universe
Arwanna Hayashi - Dancer, choreographer, and meditation instructor
Scott Hubbard - A significant contributor to research, development and management of space missions for over 25 years, CA
Nancy Kress - Author of eighteen science fiction books
The Reverend Ronald G. Luckey - Pastor, Faith Lutheran Church of Lexington
MASS Ensemble - Creator of the EarthHarp…musical and dance artists that blend sculpture, music, dance and visual arts
Chris Phillips - Author, educator, freelance writer, and founder of the nonprofit Society for Philosophical Inquiry, VA
Milton Scarborough - Centre College Scholar, professor of philosophy and religion and author of Myth and Modernity: Postcritical Reflection
Jim Seiffert - Attorney, Stites & Harbison, Louisville office
Leonard Shlain - Best-selling author and Chairman of Laparoscopic Surgery, California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, Associate Professor of Surgery at UCSF
Jill Tarter - Bernard M. Oliver Chair for SETI
Karen Thompson - American Meditation Society instructor, teaches relaxation skills for cardiac care
Anthony Tommasini - Chief classical music critic of the New York Times, author and pianist
Margaret Wheatley - Author and internationally recognized expert on leadership strategy
Ernest J. Yanarella - Author and professor, University of Kentucky

IF 2000

Christine Andrews - School of metaphysics
Steve Austin
- Bluegrass Tomorrow
William Bruder – Artist/Architect, New River, AZ
Sonya Brooks – the Fiber Guild of Kentucky and Heritage Arts Center
Susan Brown - Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual Library and Kentucky Virtual Library
Will Bruder - Artist/Architect, New River
Lance Brunner - Shambhala Center / University of Kentucky
Aminata Bruti - Martin Luther King, Jr. Cultural Center at University of Kentucky
Eric Buck – Thinkamajig: Everything is Useful
Bill Cloyd - Newton's Attic
Cheryl Dahle – Senior Writer, Fast Company
James H. Graham, Jr. - iTRC, University of Louisville
Michael Graves - Architect
Shelley Heinz - Shambhala Center
Doug Henton - Collaborative Economics
Sara Ness Holcomb - Lexington Children's Museum
Father Wayne Houghland - Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral
John Kennelly - Clemson University
Richard Labunski, UK School of Journalism & Telecommunications
David Lathrop - Futurist, Steelcase
David Lavery - Program Executive for Solar System Exploration, NASA
Greg Luhan - University of Kentucky College of Architecture, Downtown Design Center
MASS Ensemble - EarthHarp
Sharon Mercer - Kentucky Nurses Association
NOVA - Western Kentucky University
Bill Peace - Interior Designer
Van Meter Petit - Architect, Town Branch Trail Idea
Joel Pett - Pulitzer Prize Winning Editorial Cartoonist with the Lexington Herald-Leader
Lissa Pohl, SHift
Steve PonTell - LaJolla Institute, CA
Brian Pulito, DataBeam
Scott Shearer - UK College of Agriculture
John Sibert, Global Financial Group
Petra Sonderegger – Team Leader, BrainStore, Switzerland
Franz Spohn - Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Thomas J. Stephenson - Murphree Venture Partners
Rosanna Stokes - General Electric
Mike Strom - Lexington Children's Museum
Mary Beth Susman - Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual University
Teresa Tomb - Mecca Dance Studio
Al Trevino - Former Vice President at Walt Disney
Sue Weant - Partners for Family Farms and Friends of Farmers Market
Tom Welch – Former Principal, East Jessamine High School

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